Vermont Companion Animal Neutering
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Middlesex VT


Fees as of January 1, 2016 (We do not take credit or debit cards at our clinic. Please pay in cash, at check-in.)


  • Cats (male or female): $65
  • Small Female dogs 25 pounds or less: $150*
  • Small Male dogs 25 pounds or less: $135
  • Medium Female Dogs 26-50 pounds: $170*
  • Medium Male Dogs 26-40 pounds: $155*
  • Large Female Dogs 51-75 pounds: $190*

* There is a $50 mature dog fee for female dogs who have had a heat cycle or are in heat.

We  generally do not alter dogs over 5 years of age.

All of the above fees include rabies and one distemper vaccination (fee is the same with or without vaccinations). Also included is supplemental pain medication that we give after surgery. We feel strongly that all animals should have this pain relief.

*We are currently not neutering larger adult male dogs (males over 40 pounds) or female dogs over 75 pounds.

Additional Fees

There is an extra fee, $50, for mature female dogs who have had heat cycles or are in heat (but we prefer they NOT be in heat). If you noticed your dog bleeding, allow 8-12 week AFTER the bleeding has stopped to schedule an appointment. No additional charge for pregnant or in heat cats.

Additional fees for cryptorchid males, hernia repair, or exploratory surgery. There may be additional fees for obese dogs.


Please note - Vaccinations, flea treatment, de-wormer and nail trims are only available at time of surgery. We do not give vaccinations to animals not having surgery.

  • De-wormer: $10
  • Revolution cats and dogs 25 pounds or less: $10 (kills fleas, ear mites and round worms for 1 month)
  • Revolution dogs over 25 pounds: $15 (kills fleas, ear mites and round worms for 1 month)
  • Nail Trim: No Charge.


  • Cardboard Carrier: $5
    Even cats that are best of friends usually prefer to be alone after surgery. If they are grumpy we cannot put them together.
  • Elizabethan Collar: $10
  • Microchip: $25